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Psychological Assessments, Professional Counseling and Therapy

(Face to Face and Tele Mental Health)

Many of life's stressors continue to interfere with the potential joys of life. At J.C-H Psychological Solutions we can work with you to help minimize the effect of life's stressors so you can begin to enjoy life to the fullest. Our staff works with families, couples, adults, adolescents and children in the Central Texas community addressing issues such as relationships problems, behavioral problems, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anxiety, Depression, Anger problems, and transitional life issues (e.g.., employment, retirement, couples/marriage, and bereavement).

As a retired Army Combat Veteran, Dr. James Carter-Haith has an interest in helping service members, veterans and their family members minimize the negative impact of situations like PTSD, pre- and post deployment issues, re-socialization and relationship problems and the moral conflict of war. Additionally, Dr. Carter-Haith has a staff of licensed professionals who are trained and experienced in a variety of counseling interventions in order to be flexible with each client's needs.